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“Recyclops Says, Don’t Trash Our Streams.”  This was the message put forth on FLBC’s float for the Cheverly Day Parade held May 14, 2011.  It won first prize in the float category.

Recyclops Wins the Cheverly Day Parade!

Recyclops Wins the Cheverly Day Parade! Click to view larger.


(Photo of Mayor Callahan is part of slideshow)

Today’s Wall Street Journal features Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek (and
others) in an article on grassroots efforts to remove invasives. (Link below.) Marc Imlay, the
brains and push behind so many of the regional efforts, gets the first word.

Not much here on the connection to stream health which is why we formed.
(This was by the garden reporter.) So we’ll emphasize that when 60 Minutes

We had a great turnout for last Saturday’s work session. Check out the
slideshow. And kudos to our core founding team who are the glue and muscle
of the effort.
FLBC Pres.


Contribution will benefit environmental education, outreach and tools' acquisition

FLBC co-chair Cathy Smith receives a check for $1,200 from Cheverly Day leaders Kristy and Nick D'Angelo. Some of the 100+ members/supporters included (from left) Ann Hedien, Linda Priebe, Gary Williams, Joani Horchler, Mary Jane Coolen, Ed Terry, Cathy Smith, Mayor Mike Callahan, Mary Kate Callahan, Erik Dunham, Kristy D'Angelo, Rudd Moe, Nick D'Angelo, (unidentified), Ken Furnkranz, Gabe Horchler and Dave Kneipp.

22 Jun, 2010

Planning Meeting Results

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FLBC had a planning meeting on June 24.  In attendance were D. Smith (co-chair), C. Smith (co-chair), G. Horchler, J. Horchler, M. Salo, S. Salo, D. Kniepp, S. Otis.   Among the news shared:

  • FLBC will be the beneficiary of proceeds from the 2010 Cicada Crunch (approx. $1,200);
  • FLBC will share proceeds from the Chev Prom with the American Legion and the History Club (approx. $300)
  • G. Horchler (chair of the Trails committee) reported that spreading wood chips provided by Pepco would be the focus of trail work on June 26;
  • M. Salo gave an overview of the 5 natural areas in town.  All are being overrun by non-native plants, to the detriment of native plants that could be growing in their place and the native birds and wildlife that could be feeding off these plants.  He made a plea for extracting certain invasives immediately and it was determined we would:
  • ask the town if it could help with the Nature Park, which is town-owned property;
  • ask Marc Imlay of the Anacostia Watershed Society if he can help us develop a regular schedule for removing invasives at critical times; and
  • ask Marc if he can help get a large group of volunteers to do a massive invasives removal in Woodworth Park.  M. Salo to contact M. Imlay.
  • C. Smith to contact Lisa Lincoln about a Job Corps-type group she is working with that might participate.
  • Matt also expressed dismay at Pepco’s mowing of the area behind Arbor Street, which killed the only yellow passionflowers growing in Cheverly.
  • D. Smith reported that the town is planning to have a charrette concerning the area where the houses are going to be torn down near the B-W Parkway.  C. Smith will check on the timing of this.
  • The group decided that it is past time for FLBC to have  a planning retreat, and C. Smith is going to figure out where this can be done, preferably on the last Sunday of August.

21 Apr, 2010

Earth Day Celebration

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FLBC was  one of the many participating in the national Earth Day celebration and the regional celebration sponsored by the Anacostia Watershed Society on Saturday, April 24.   Thirty-four people came out to help pick up trash in Lower Beaverdam Creek!  Thanks to Brandi Petway, Antwan Jordan, Dominique Moses, Sonnya Philip (these four all from Giant Food on Landover Road in Cheverly–Giant was a main corporate sponsor); Micah Saviet; Jake Allegro; Jake Allegro; Rud Moe; Matt Salo; Sheila Salo; Gabe Horchler; Ken Furnkranz; Pat Nelson; Dan Smith; Peggy Callahan; Mike Callahan; Megan Ginder; Cathy Smith; Becky Virta; Sam Virta; Arvind Lal; Erin Caldwell; Caitlin Caldwell; Ann Caldwell; Jolene Ivey; Aaron Ivey; Paivi Spoon; Jim Newman; Pamela Horne; Michael Summers; Cameron Summers; Slade Summers; Mary Jane Coolen; and Joani Horchler.  (Names were taken from the list of those who signed in at the site in the morning.)

Thanks also to Giant Food for providing the juice, fruit and snacks and the cloth grocery bag gifts, among the t-shirts and other items provided to Anacostia Watershed Society, Giant and other sponsors.

Results: Number of bags of landfill trash–48

Number of bags of landfill trash–48

# of bags of recyclables–10

interesting trash items–lots of silverware and kitchen knives, a lawn chair, the top of a grill, 3 syringes, one patio umbrella, two big wheels, 11 tires, one sled, a big tv set, mini-refrigerator, front fender of car, a toilet, a baby seat, auto radiator reservoir, window screens, one very large truck tire, 8 gallons paint

Volunteer Coordinator Joani Horchler noted the Best quote of the day — “We found boxer shorts next to an old couch — SOMEONE  must have been having fun!”


21 Apr, 2010

Late April in Woodworth Park

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Late April in Woodworth Park

Matt and Sheila Salo recently report having a nice walk in Woodworth. Sheila said:

“The pink azalea were in bloom, and some of the May apple were also in flower. The nicest surprises: The area that Gabe Horchler had us clear of English ivy and honeysuckle last fall is now covered with ferns, May apple, and jack-in-the-pulpit. So yes, folks, it can be done. There is a stand of Solomon’s seal (whether “false” or genuine we cannot yet say) on the eastern path near the first turn.

Chinese wisteria does not seem to be returning on the hill above the Arbor St entrance. The bad news is that it is abundant on the other side of the patch. That growth can now be accessed easily from the new Pepco ROW road. As it is in bloom, it will be seen easily. A few new leaves have come up on “our” side of the patch — they are easily seen as well.

Garlic mustard is in bloom, but is easily pulled up in most places. Matt and I cleared the Wayne Pl spur of garlic mustard. There is still plenty on the western path near the twin bridges. Must be cleared! There is some along the fence at the tot lot.

Still plenty of English ivy [to get rid of], some returning to climb trees [which kills the trees].”

Sheila also reported that, in the Nature Park at Tremont and Lockwood, has an infestation of Chinese wisteria that it would be good to pull out as it has spread to the mountain laurel line.

You’re invited!

What: Sneak-peek of the new Ken Burns documentary, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.”

When: Sunday, 9/20, 7:00 – 8:30 pm (FLBC meeting at 6:30)

Where: Cheverly United Methodist Church Parlor (4th fl), 2810 Cheverly Ave. (Forest Rd. entrance)

Presented by Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek (FLBC) and the Maryland Native Plant Society as one of 750 Party for Parks screenings organized nationwide by Sierra Club volunteers and local groups.

The screening is preceded by a FLBC meeting at 6:30 p.m. that all are invited to attend. We’ll be planning our local parks work session and Cheverly Market presence for 9/26.

The six-part series airs on PBS starting September 27 is the result of six years of filming at some of nature’s most spectacular locales — from Acadia to Yosemite, Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, the Everglades of Florida to the Gates of the Arctic in Alaska — the documentary is nonetheless a story of people: people from every conceivable background — rich and poor; famous and unknown; soldiers and scientists; natives and newcomers; idealists, artists and entrepreneurs; people who were willing to devote themselves to saving some precious portion of the land they loved, and in doing so reminded their fellow citizens of the full meaning of democracy. It is a story full of struggle and conflict, high ideals and crass opportunism, stirring adventure and enduring inspiration – set against the most breathtaking backdrops imaginable.

For more on the documentary  and screening parties visit: www.sierraclub.org/parks/

01 Sep, 2009

Japanese Stilt Grass Removal

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Special thanks to Gabe, Rudd Moe, Marian Dombrowski, Paivi and Matt Spoon, Pat Nelson, Norm Oslik, Cathy Smith, and Marc Imlay of AWS. They scouted out Japanese stilt grass which loosens the soil which then flows into the Chesapeake Bay, taking with it vital nutrients. They spent a productive Saturday removing a huge area of it near the stream and Route 50.

22 Jun, 2009

Field Trip!

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On February 11, 2009, fifth graders from St. Ambrose school walked down to Woodworth Park for a field trip with volunteers from Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek. In addition to learning about leaves, trees, water quality and how the stream in the park connects to the Anacostia River, students created art projects on the spot using all natural materials.

16 Apr, 2009

Clam Cleanup

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Cheverly resident and Eleanor Roosevelt High School student Caitlin Virta is featured in this video with Harriette Phelps, Ph.D., a biologist at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C. FLBC contributed $500 to the research project which uses clams to detect pollutants. Clams clean the water as they feed, absorbing toxins in their tissues. The clams are collected back from streams. Then, scientists pry open the clams and detach them from their shell. Later, lab tests reveals the clam’s secret — the kinds and quantities of pollutants in the water.



The Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek is a hands-on education and advocacy organization working to restore the health of Lower Beaverdam Creek and the Anacostia River.