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21 Apr, 2010

Late April in Woodworth Park

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Late April in Woodworth Park

Matt and Sheila Salo recently report having a nice walk in Woodworth. Sheila said:

“The pink azalea were in bloom, and some of the May apple were also in flower. The nicest surprises: The area that Gabe Horchler had us clear of English ivy and honeysuckle last fall is now covered with ferns, May apple, and jack-in-the-pulpit. So yes, folks, it can be done. There is a stand of Solomon’s seal (whether “false” or genuine we cannot yet say) on the eastern path near the first turn.

Chinese wisteria does not seem to be returning on the hill above the Arbor St entrance. The bad news is that it is abundant on the other side of the patch. That growth can now be accessed easily from the new Pepco ROW road. As it is in bloom, it will be seen easily. A few new leaves have come up on “our” side of the patch — they are easily seen as well.

Garlic mustard is in bloom, but is easily pulled up in most places. Matt and I cleared the Wayne Pl spur of garlic mustard. There is still plenty on the western path near the twin bridges. Must be cleared! There is some along the fence at the tot lot.

Still plenty of English ivy [to get rid of], some returning to climb trees [which kills the trees].”

Sheila also reported that, in the Nature Park at Tremont and Lockwood, has an infestation of Chinese wisteria that it would be good to pull out as it has spread to the mountain laurel line.


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