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21 Apr, 2010

Earth Day Celebration

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FLBC was  one of the many participating in the national Earth Day celebration and the regional celebration sponsored by the Anacostia Watershed Society on Saturday, April 24.   Thirty-four people came out to help pick up trash in Lower Beaverdam Creek!  Thanks to Brandi Petway, Antwan Jordan, Dominique Moses, Sonnya Philip (these four all from Giant Food on Landover Road in Cheverly–Giant was a main corporate sponsor); Micah Saviet; Jake Allegro; Jake Allegro; Rud Moe; Matt Salo; Sheila Salo; Gabe Horchler; Ken Furnkranz; Pat Nelson; Dan Smith; Peggy Callahan; Mike Callahan; Megan Ginder; Cathy Smith; Becky Virta; Sam Virta; Arvind Lal; Erin Caldwell; Caitlin Caldwell; Ann Caldwell; Jolene Ivey; Aaron Ivey; Paivi Spoon; Jim Newman; Pamela Horne; Michael Summers; Cameron Summers; Slade Summers; Mary Jane Coolen; and Joani Horchler.  (Names were taken from the list of those who signed in at the site in the morning.)

Thanks also to Giant Food for providing the juice, fruit and snacks and the cloth grocery bag gifts, among the t-shirts and other items provided to Anacostia Watershed Society, Giant and other sponsors.

Results: Number of bags of landfill trash–48

Number of bags of landfill trash–48

# of bags of recyclables–10

interesting trash items–lots of silverware and kitchen knives, a lawn chair, the top of a grill, 3 syringes, one patio umbrella, two big wheels, 11 tires, one sled, a big tv set, mini-refrigerator, front fender of car, a toilet, a baby seat, auto radiator reservoir, window screens, one very large truck tire, 8 gallons paint

Volunteer Coordinator Joani Horchler noted the Best quote of the day — “We found boxer shorts next to an old couch — SOMEONE  must have been having fun!”



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